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Killing It Season 2

Killing It Season 2


The Saw Palmetto farm of Craig and Jillian is in danger due to unforeseen visits. The Boones stated their requests, and Gillian must give up a valued object to save the farm. In his attempt to reinvent himself, Isaiah begins a new life, a new career, and a new relationship. However, a mistake causes an evil power to be unleashed, which poses a threat to the new existence Isaiah has created for himself.

air date

August. 17,2023

production companies

Universal Television, Dr. Goor Productions

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Season 2

Killing It Season 2 Episode Guide

What You Sow

S2 E1 What You Sow

Aug. 17,2023

Craig and Jillian prepare for the farm’s first shipment of saw palmetto berries, but a series of unexpected visitors puts everything they’ve worked for in jeopardy. A new employee is a thorn in their side.


S2 E2 Mallory

Aug. 17,2023

The Boones make their demands. Craig tries to reconnect with Isaiah. Jillian must decide whether to sacrifice her prized possession to save the farm.

It Follows

S2 E3 It Follows

Aug. 17,2023

Isaiah has a new life, a new job and a new relationship in his quest to reinvent himself, but one mistake awakens an evil force that threatens to destroy everything he’s built.

Help Me Pay My Bills

S2 E4 Help Me Pay My Bills

Aug. 17,2023

A baby shower goes awry as Craig struggles to prove himself to his new boss, his teenage daughter, his ex-wife and the wealthy couple that is paying Camille to carry their child.

Lying Flat

S2 E5 Lying Flat

Aug. 17,2023

Rodney Lamonca sends Craig, Jillian and Isaiah on a first-class business trip to San Diego, where they must work with the disgruntled celebrity spokesman for Dominine’s new supplement line.


S2 E6 Predatory

Aug. 17,2023

Craig attends an influencer event for the launch of Predator Power Pills and must team up with an unexpected ally in order to rescue Jillian from the Boones.

On the Inside

S2 E7 On the Inside

Aug. 17,2023

Craig and Brock try to recover the stolen dongle before it’s too late. Jillian makes a plan to escape from her kidnappers. All of Isaiah’s lies are finally brought to light.


S2 E8 Timber

Aug. 17,2023

Craig tries to save Jillian and the farm but still must make one final, agonizing decision. Isaiah returns to Phoenix a changed man.

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Cast of Killing It Season 2

Craig Robinson

Craig Foster

Claudia O'Doherty


Rell Battle