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His Dark Materials Season 3

His Dark Materials Season 3


In the third season of His Dark Materials, Lyra and Will, set off on a dangerous expedition to an dark place where no one is capable to get back. As Lyra's father prepares for a great war against the Authority, they will discover that the fate of all the worlds rests on their shoulders. But with great power comes a terrible cost, and they will be forced to make unimaginable sacrifices in their quest to save everything they hold dear.

air date

December. 18,2022

production companies

New Line Cinema, Bad Wolf

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Season 3

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode Guide

The Enchanted Sleeper

S3 E1 The Enchanted Sleeper

Dec. 18,2022

Held captive by Mrs Coulter, a dreaming Lyra finds herself in a mysterious place with someone familiar - Roger. Will continues his quest to find Lyra, meeting unexpected allies along the way.

The Break

S3 E2 The Break

Dec. 24,2022

Will tries to save Lyra from her mother and the Magisterium, but it comes at a great personal cost. Asriel’s plans change when unexpected angelic visitors crash into his republic.

The Intention Craft

S3 E3 The Intention Craft

Jan. 01,2023

Lyra and Will seek help from Iorek to fix the Subtle Knife before reaching an agreement to go to the Land of the Dead together. Mrs Coulter goes on trial in Asriel’s republic.

Lyra and Her Death

S3 E4 Lyra and Her Death

Jan. 08,2023

As Lyra and Will head to the Land of the Dead, Mrs Coulter tries to thwart MacPhail. Mary is buoyed by the unexpected appearance of a very unusual creature.

No Way Out

S3 E5 No Way Out

Jan. 15,2023

In the world of the mulefa, Mary makes a heartbreaking discovery. Lyra and Will journey through the Land of the Dead in search of Roger.

The Abyss

S3 E6 The Abyss

Jan. 22,2023

As Metatron's abyss rips through the worlds, sucking Dust into its depths, Lyra and Will attempt to lead the ghosts out of the Land of the Dead.

The Clouded Mountain

S3 E7 The Clouded Mountain

Jan. 29,2023

As the Clouded Mountain approaches, Mrs Coulter, Asriel and his council discuss their battle strategy. In the Land of the Dead, Lyra and Will deliberate their next move.

The Botanic Garden

S3 E8 The Botanic Garden

Feb. 05,2023

Lyra and Will reunite with Mary and hear a story that changes everything. Now they must decide what they are willing to sacrifice if they are to save the worlds.

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Cast of His Dark Materials Season 3

Dafne Keen

Lyra Silvertongue

Amir Wilson

Will Parry

Ruth Wilson

Marisa Coulter

Simone Kirby

Mary Malone

Will Keen

Father President MacPhail

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Commander Ogunwe

Jamie Ward

Father Gomez

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith


Chipo Chung


Jonathan Aris

Commander Roke