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Happy Valley Season 3

Happy Valley Season 3


In a drained reservoir, Catherine finds the bones of a gangland murder victim. This discovery sets off a series of events that take her right back to Tommy Lee Royce. Ryan, her sixteen-year-old grandson, has his own opinions about the type of connection he wants to have with the man Catherine refuses to recognize as his father, placing Catherine's sister Clare in the middle of the conflict. When a neighbor is jailed, a local pharmacist in another area of the valley finds himself in over his head.

air date

January. 01,2023

production companies

BBC, Red Production Company

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Season 3

Happy Valley Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1

S3 E1 Episode 1

Jan. 01,2023

When Catherine discovers the remains of a murder victim, it bizarrely leads her straight back to Tommy Lee Royce.

Episode 2

S3 E2 Episode 2

Jan. 08,2023

Catherine learns of a painful betrayal close to home, and Faisal comes under increasing pressure from all sides.

Episode 3

S3 E3 Episode 3

Jan. 15,2023

Catherine confronts Clare and presents Ryan with an ultimatum. Faisal and Joanna hatch a plan that takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 4

S3 E4 Episode 4

Jan. 22,2023

As Tommy’s big day approaches, Catherine becomes suspicious, and Ryan finds a new way to defy her.

Episode 5

S3 E5 Episode 5

Jan. 29,2023

Catherine races to protect her family as a murder investigation begins.

Episode 6

S3 E6 Episode 6

Feb. 05,2023

Scores are settled for good on Catherine’s final shift, and Ryan faces a moral dilemma.

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Cast of Happy Valley Season 3

Sarah Lancashire

Catherine Cawood

Siobhan Finneran

Clare Cartwright

James Norton

Tommy Lee Royce

Rhys Connah

Ryan Cawood

Charlie Murphy

Ann Gallagher

Shane Zaza

Shafiq Shah

George Costigan

Nevison Gallagher

Rick Warden

Insp Mike Taylor

Vincent Franklin

DSU Andy Shepherd

Mollie Winnard

Joanna Hepworth