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Hacks Season 2

Hacks Season 2


Deborah embraces the travel life. Ava wrestles with the value of honesty. As Ava adjusts to her new lifestyle, she finds herself unexpectedly popular. The dark mentor relationship between legendary Las Vegas comedian Deborah Vance and her young credential writer Ava continues to develop as the two travel the country to prepare for Deborah's new stand-up show.

air date

May. 12,2022

production companies

3 Arts Entertainment, Universal Television, Paulilu Productions

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Hacks Season 2 Episode Guide

There Will Be Blood

S2 E1 There Will Be Blood

May. 12,2022

Deborah eagerly anticipates trying out her new material on the road, while Ava dreads the fallout of an explosive email.

Quid Pro Quo

S2 E2 Quid Pro Quo

May. 12,2022

Deborah embraces tour life. Ava grapples with the value of honesty. Jimmy learns the harsh realities of Hollywood dealmaking.

Trust the Process

S2 E3 Trust the Process

May. 19,2022

Deborah continues to workshop her material on the road, as Ava adapts to a new lifestyle. Marcus is overwhelmed by life without Wilson.

The Captain's Wife

S2 E4 The Captain's Wife

May. 19,2022

While Deb struggles to connect with her audience on a cruise, Ava finds herself an unexpected hit.


S2 E5 Retired

May. 26,2022

An impromptu detour finds Deborah reckoning with long-held guilt while reconnecting with a former comedian friend.

The Click

S2 E6 The Click

May. 26,2022

A girls’ night out finds Ava attempting to connect with her mother – and Deborah embracing some unexpected company.

On the Market

S2 E7 On the Market

Jun. 02,2022

Deborah and her team head to LA to pitch her new set as a comedy special.

The One, The Only

S2 E8 The One, The Only

Jun. 02,2022

Deborah prepares to take the stage for her taping as Ava deals with a new opportunity.

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Cast of Hacks Season 2

Jean Smart

Deborah Vance

Hannah Einbinder


Carl Clemons-Hopkins