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Godfather of Harlem Season 3

Godfather of Harlem Season 3


In the Godfather of Harlem Season 3, Bumpy Johnson returns and fights against the Cuban Mafia for the control power of Harlem, which pushes him and the one he loves to face threats from Italian rivals, ruthless Latin assassins, and the CIA. At the same time, Bumpy robs his community to repay a drug debt owed to the Italians. When Mayme is kidnapped by Joe Colombo, he prepares himself well for a bloody battle.

air date

January. 15,2023

production companies

Significant Productions, ABC Signature

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Season 3

Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Episode Guide

The Negro in White America

S3 E1 The Negro in White America

Jan. 15,2023

To repay a drug debt owed to the Italians after the Harlem riots, Bumpy Johnson robs from his own community. Omar seeks to return to Elise and Malcolm's good graces. Someone close to Stella orders a hit on her life.


S3 E2 Alzado

Jan. 22,2023

When Joe Colombo carries out a gentleman's kidnapping of Mayme, Bumpy angrily prepares for a coming war.


S3 E3 Mecca

Jan. 29,2023

Jose Battle asks for a favor from his new partner Bumpy Johnson: a political assassination. Malcolm X is detained by Saudi authorities when he travels to Mecca. The district attorney's office targets Mayme for her gangster ties.

Captain Fields

S3 E4 Captain Fields

Feb. 05,2023

When two uniformed cops attack the Geechee, Bumpy and Battle make a play for control of local 27th police precinct. Stella decides whether to rat Colombo out to the Feds. Meanwhile, Malcolm's life is threatened in Cairo.

Angel of Death

S3 E5 Angel of Death

Feb. 19,2023

Bumpy and Colombo face off for control of the heroin trade when Monsieur 98 returns to bring in the next shipment. Omar makes a romantic appeal to Elise. Pettigrew discovers cocaine through his love affair with a Cuban woman.


S3 E6 Spooks

Feb. 26,2023

Bumpy utilizes Battle's contacts in the CIA to secure a steady supply of a new drug: cocaine. Stella lies to Fineman in an attempt to escape Colombo's oversight. Mayme applies for a government contract for Palmetto.

All Roads Lead to Malcolm

S3 E7 All Roads Lead to Malcolm

Mar. 05,2023

When Battle's arrested, Bumpy must find a way to spring him and find the mole. Bumpy discovers that Malcolm X has more enemies than they thought.

Homeland or Death

S3 E8 Homeland or Death

Mar. 12,2023

Bumpy uncovers a CIA plot to assassinate Malcolm X and Che Guevara at the United Nations. Malcolm writes his autobiography. Olympia utilizes Father Louis to get out of trouble.

We Are All Kings

S3 E9 We Are All Kings

Mar. 19,2023

Chin Gigante is released from prison and seeks to excise Joe Colombo from the Commission.

Our Black Shining Prince

S3 E10 Our Black Shining Prince

Mar. 26,2023

Bumpy and Chin enlist Morgenthau's help to prevent Colombo and Battle from bringing in a shipment of heroin, guns, and cocaine. Stella must choose between Colombo and her father.

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Cast of Godfather of Harlem Season 3

Forest Whitaker

Ellsworth 'Bumpy' Johnson

Erik LaRay Harvey

Delbert C. 'Del' Chance

Ilfenesh Hadera

Mayme Johnson

Antoinette Crowe-Legacy

Elise Johnson

Lucy Fry

Stella Gigante

Jason Alan Carvell

Malcolm X