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Fauda Season 4

Fauda Season 4


The cynical PADRE is in charge of the individuals they brought to the island, including Morgan, Madison, and others. The daughter of Morgan, whom our heroes initially set out to save, must motivate them to once again have hope for a brighter future because they are beaten and dejected.

air date

July. 13,2022

production companies

yes, Tender Productions, L.Benasuly Productions

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Season 4
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Fauda Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1

S4 E1 Episode 1

Jul. 13,2022

A robbery attempt in Jenin puts Dana on a questionable cell's trail. Gabi asks Doron, still isolated from his old team, to travel with him to Brussels.

Episode 2

S4 E2 Episode 2

Jul. 20,2022

In the aftermath of a crisis, Eli mobilizes the unit to join Doron in Belgium. Omar's sister Maya and her husband face unexpected questions.

Episode 3

S4 E3 Episode 3

Jul. 27,2022

The squad presses forward in their search for Gabi, leading to a high-stakes operation in a crowded apartment block. Nurit confesses a secret to Doron.

Episode 4

S4 E4 Episode 4

Aug. 03,2022

Upon his return, Doron refuses to believe the worst. Maya begins receiving mysterious messages. Dana, hunting for Adel, puts pressure on a new source.

Episode 5

S4 E5 Episode 5

Aug. 10,2022

In the aftermath of the attacks, Shin Bet mobilizes for revenge while Raphael pitches Doron on a new mission. Sagi reacts to unexpected news.

Episode 6

S4 E6 Episode 6

Aug. 17,2022

Doron and Maya begin a long journey. The fallout from Sagi's unauthorized plan to lure Adel out of hiding leaves the team divided and at risk.

Episode 7

S4 E7 Episode 7

Aug. 24,2022

When information leaks to their adversaries in Lebanon, Maya and Doron improvise to reach their destination. Omar faces a painful dilemma.

Episode 8

S4 E8 Episode 8

Aug. 31,2022

Dana receives a crucial tip that leads Eli's team to a garage in Jenin. Maya finally reaches Aisha, but finds that her mission isn't over yet.

Episode 9

S4 E9 Episode 9

Sep. 07,2022

A shocking revelation changes the stakes and the plan for Doron. Eli, despite his doubts, signs on for one more mission. Haj moves a valuable asset.

Episode 10

S4 E10 Episode 10

Sep. 14,2022

Every second counts as the squad, using Omar's intelligence, races to stay ahead of Haj and recover Gabi before his captors move him out of Lebanon.

Episode 11

S4 E11 Episode 11

Sep. 21,2022

Maya and her family gather in mourning, while Adel moves forward with a plan to strike back. Gabi struggles to process his time as a hostage.

Episode 12

S4 E12 Episode 12

Sep. 28,2022

Omar's funeral in Jenin provides a morbid opportunity for Shin Bet as they pursue Adel, sending Doron and his teammates into danger once again.

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Cast of Fauda Season 4

Lior Raz

Doron Kavillio

Netta Garti

Gali Kavillio

Doron Ben-David

Hertzel 'Steve' Pinto

Rona-Lee Shim'on


Itzik Cohen

Gabi "Captain Eyov"

Yaakov Zada Daniel


Lucy Ayoub

Maya Binyamin

Inbar Lavi

Shani Russo

Amir Boutrous

Omar Tawalbe

Loai Nofi

Adel Tawalbe