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Fantasy Island Season 2

Fantasy Island Season 2


It tells numerous stories about numerous individuals. Two adventurers whose marriages are no longer new who want to embark on the ultimate adventure together, Nisha, a girl who can't decide who she should marry, and longtime friends Nettie, Camille, and Margot, who visit the island to celebrate their 50th birthdays are among those who appear on Christine Collins' local morning show. On the island, I'm hoping you'll discover your solutions.

air date

January. 02,2023

production companies

FOX Entertainment, Gemstone Studios, Happier in Hollywood

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Season 2

Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode Guide

Tara and Jessica's High School Reunion; Cat Lady

S2 E1 Tara and Jessica's High School Reunion; Cat Lady

Jan. 02,2023

Longtime best friends, Tara and Jessica, want to rule their 30th High School Reunion, but their plans go sideways when everyone is forced to tell the truth. Andi wants to know if her cat BoBo loves her as much as she loves him. Roarke juggles a secret romance, as Ruby and Gina spend more time together.

Hurricane Helene; The Bachelor Party

S2 E2 Hurricane Helene; The Bachelor Party

Jan. 09,2023

In the wake of her mother’s passing, Helene visits the island in search of her biological father. Roarke and Javier grow closer. Ruby gives herself a spiritual cleanse with a bonfire and a night swim, where she encounters an old friend.

Paymer vs. Paymer

S2 E3 Paymer vs. Paymer

Jan. 16,2023

Empty nesters Dolly and Dutch seek clarity on how to spend their next chapter. Meanwhile, Helene helps Ruby tap into her newfound youth. Javier opens up to Roarke as he wrestles with his new role.

Mystery in Miami

S2 E4 Mystery in Miami

Jan. 23,2023

Three best friends set out to track down the missing fourth member of their squad... in 1980s Miami, Roarke confides in Segundo about letting people in, Ruby's cabin fever is an itch that needs to be scratched.

The Urn

S2 E5 The Urn

Feb. 06,2023

After an urn comes off the plane, three siblings must work through their past resentments in order to spread their mom's ashes and fulfill her last fantasy. As the kids wrestle with their past, Roarke remembers their mom, her very first guest as the host of Fantasy Island. Meanwhile, Ruby is surprised to discover how little she knows about Isla.

Forever and a Day

S2 E6 Forever and a Day

Feb. 13,2023

Oliver's fantasy is to surprise his boyfriend Emilio with the perfect proposal, but when Emilio says no, Oliver finds himself reliving that day over and over again. Meanwhile, Roarke, also caught in the time loop, must confront her fears about her relationship with Javier.


S2 E7 #Happy

Feb. 20,2023

Amber's fantasy is to have her actual life be as perfect as her Instagram life. But when Amber's family transforms into the perfect Insta-versions of themselves, she soon realizes something about all this perfection is very wrong. Meanwhile, Roarke presents another guest, Isaiah, with an envelope that reveals the date of his death.

Walk a Country Mile

S2 E8 Walk a Country Mile

Mar. 06,2023

A country music star with writer's block, Shay, fantasizes about being anonymous so she can focus on finishing her next album. Her beleaguered assistant, Beau, is surprised when Roarke offers him a fantasy too. When their fantasies begin, Shay and Beau realize they've traded places: Shay is a complete unknown and Beau is the star. Javier learns something new about Helene's life before her mother's death.

Gwenivere of Glendale

S2 E9 Gwenivere of Glendale

Apr. 10,2023

Gwen's fantasy is to go back in time and be the Princess she longs to be—pampered, rich, and cared-for. At first, the fantasy is everything she dreamed of—the gowns, the pageantry, everyone bowing to her. But Gwen soon finds out the King is preparing to marry her off to a cruel, ambitious Prince. With the marriage looming, Gwen has no choice but to flee. She befriends a Soldier and together they hatch a dangerous escape plan. Ruby isn't feeling like herself and Roarke suspects it has something to do with Isla.

War of the Roses (and the Hutchinsons)

S2 E10 War of the Roses (and the Hutchinsons)

Apr. 17,2023

A middle-aged couple and a younger couple arrive separately with their own unique fantasies. All is going well until the couples discover they're sharing the island; turns out they're feuding neighbors. The Island forces them into a magical, winner-takes-all competition that reveals unexpected alliances and unravels complicated relationships. Meanwhile, Javier and Roarke finally have a conversation about their relationship.

Peaches & the Jilted Bride

S2 E11 Peaches & the Jilted Bride

Apr. 24,2023

Jilted bride Laura arrives on the island still in her wedding dress, having just been stood up at the altar. She's never felt worse in her entire life, and her fantasy is to just feel better. The Island surprises her with her childhood imaginary friend, Peaches, in real human form and helps Laura rediscover that her inner child is exactly who she needs to move on from her heartache. Isla tells Ruby about the complicated past between her people and the Roarkes.

Girlboss, Interrupted

S2 E12 Girlboss, Interrupted

May. 01,2023

The Island gives single mom Courtney the ability to read minds in order to impress her charismatic boss, Julia. But when Courtney becomes overwhelmed with her new power, she risks everything she has worked so hard for. Meanwhile, Roarke is worried that Ruby is becoming more and more distant and enlists Javier to help.

MJ Akuda & the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wives Club

S2 E13 MJ Akuda & the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wives Club

May. 08,2023

Sue, Jenna and Brooklyn are the first, second and third wives of Gavin, a charming doctor who's made a fortune selling all-natural vitamins - and broken all of their hearts along the way. Now, they all share the same fantasy: they want Gavin to understand - to feel for himself - the pain he's caused them all. Meanwhile, Roarke brings Ruby's youngest daughter, MJ, to the Island to help Ruby remember who she is. And hopefully keep her from disappearing into the ocean forever with Isla... as a mermaid.

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Cast of Fantasy Island Season 2

Roselyn Sánchez

Elena Roarke

Kiara Barnes

Ruby Akuda

John Gabriel Rodriquez