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Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1


Raymond's parents and brother kept appearing without notice, and Debra became weary of it. They made an effort to keep his parents and brother away because her birthday was soon approaching. About their time at their first apartment, Ray and Debra recalled. They decided they needed a house when Debra learned she was expecting twins. They were too far enough for overnight stays but not distant enough for everyday family visits, so Ray devised a plan. Robert, who has a mustache, learns that his wife wants to get a divorce. Aside from him and Mary, Frank, a part-time realtor, discovered Ray and Debra's ideal home. Living across the street from her in-laws seemed like a smart move to Debra.

air date

September. 13,1996

production companies

Where's Lunch, HBO Independent Productions, Worldwide Pants

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Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1 Episode Guide


S1 E1 Pilot

Sep. 13,1996

Debra is sick and tired of having Raymond's parents and his brother show up unannounced. With her birthday coming up they try not to get his parents and brother to come over.

I Love You

S1 E2 I Love You

Sep. 20,1996

When newlywed friends make a public display of their affection, Debra wonders why reticent Raymond has trouble saying those three little words.

I Wish I Were Gus

S1 E3 I Wish I Were Gus

Sep. 27,1996

It seems "even dead people love Raymond," as reticent Ray learns when he's chosen to deliver the eulogy at his great uncle's funeral. It's an occasion that serves as a reunion for Ray's mother and her feuding sister, Alda.

Standard Deviation

S1 E4 Standard Deviation

Oct. 04,1996

For a criminal-psychology course, Robert issues standard IQ tests to Raymond and Debra and boy, is Raymond smarting when they get the results. But his feelings change when he discovers that Robert was playing mind games with them by telling each they scored hired than the other.

Look Don't Touch

S1 E5 Look Don't Touch

Oct. 11,1996

Nemo's niece, Angelina, takes employment at Nemo's as a waitress at Nemo's. When Angelina catches Ray's eye, he has a lot of explaining to do to his wife, Debra especially when Angelina calls him at home. Ray accidentally leaves his wallet at Nemo's, and Angelina calls him at home to let him know she found it. But, because he feels guilty about his innocent attraction, Ray denies ever knowing her. When the situation is blown out of proportion by the Barone family, Debra decides to visit Nemo's to see what all the fuss is about.

Frank, the Writer

S1 E6 Frank, the Writer

Oct. 18,1996

When Frank gets a few anecdotes published in Reader's Digest, he submits his writing samples to Ray's editor, hoping to get his own column in the newspaper. Frank, feeling he has a new lease on life, convinces Ray to submit his story ideas for the column, which he plans to call "I Was Just Thinking." Ray then has to break the news to his father that the editor thinks Frank's writing is the most embarrassing work he's ever read.

Your Place or Mine?

S1 E7 Your Place or Mine?

Oct. 28,1996

Marie gets fed up with Frank after 40 years of marriage and moves in with Ray and Debra. Ray and Robert enjoy being mothered by Marie, and Debra spends quality time with Frank. Frank discovers salsa.


S1 E8 In-Laws

Nov. 01,1996

When Ray's upper class in-laws come for a visit, he begs his parents to be nice to them and accept their differences even though their lifestyles are worlds apart. Ray admits to his parents that he doesn't always see eye-to-eye with Debra's folks but manages to fake it and he'd like his parents to do the same when they all go out and try to have a family dinner. The request, however, proves to be a tall order for Frank and Marie.

Win, Lose or Draw

S1 E9 Win, Lose or Draw

Nov. 08,1996

Ray gets tired of being treated like a kid at his father's poker game, so he ignores his father's advice and ends up losing all his money. Debra wants Ray to act like a mature adult and ask Frank for his money back, but Ray is too stubborn. Meanwhile, it turns out that Frank was only trying to teach Ray a lesson - that you can always go to your father and he'll make everything okay.

Turkey or Fish

S1 E10 Turkey or Fish

Nov. 22,1996

Although Marie has always cooked the traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, Debra decides it's her turn to prepare the holiday meal, but, not wanting to compete with Marie's turkey, she chooses to serve fish which upsets the apple cart. Marie, feeling threatened when her family thinks Debra's fish idea is perfectly acceptable, decides to bring her own turkey to the dinner party to prove that she's the better cook. Meanwhile, Ray's idea of a traditional holiday at home becomes even more untraditional when the relatives opt not to watch football.

Captain Nemo

S1 E11 Captain Nemo

Dec. 13,1996

When Ray's "free" time goes to coaching his basketball team in preparation for the Pizza League championships, he is reminded by Debra that their kids are growing up fast and he's missing precious time with them. When Robert is forced out as captain of Nemo's basketball team, Ray gets the title and the opportunity to lead his team to victory. Meanwhile, Frank and Marie are upset with Ray for de-throning Robert as captain, and feeling guilty Ray begs Robert to re-join the team.

The Ball

S1 E12 The Ball

Dec. 20,1996

Ray discovers, after many years, that the autographed Mickey Mantle ball he got as a kid from his father isn't authentic. Feeling hurt by the fact that his father was not truthful about the ball, Ray decides he's going to tell Ally the truth about Santa Claus. But when two familiar looking Santas unexpectedly show up at his house to surprise Ally, she's even more confused – about the truth.

Debra's Sick

S1 E13 Debra's Sick

Jan. 03,1997

When Debra comes down with the flu and is bedridden, inexperienced Raymond must take care of her and the three kids.

Who's Handsome?

S1 E14 Who's Handsome?

Jan. 17,1997

Raymond can't face the fact that everybody thinks that his brother Robert is "classically handsome," while he is merely "adorable like a hamster." Robert is reluctant to go on a date because he's insecure about his appearance, so when Debra tells him he's attractive, Ray starts feeling insecure about his own looks. Ray's jealous of his brother's looks when he overhears Debra compliment Robert. So, Ray decides to get a head-to-toe makeover to impress Debra, including a fake tan like George Hamilton.

The Car

S1 E15 The Car

Jan. 31,1997

Debra, already annoyed at getting stuck driving the old car Ray bought from his parents, really gets upset when she discovers that it was his old "make-out-mobile." Debra had been unable to understand why Ray wanted so desperately to buy his parents' old car, until Robert mistakenly blurts out that it's the car in which Ray first "got lucky" as a teenager with his girlfriend. Imagining what might have happened in the car during its earlier life, Debra decides not to drive it again.


S1 E16 Diamonds

Feb. 07,1997

Ray finds out that the diamond on Debra's engagement ring is a fake, so he steals it from her to get it changed, only to find out after that she already had it changed. She had her grandma's $15,000 diamond put in.

The Game

S1 E17 The Game

Feb. 21,1997

When Ray and his family play a game of "Scruples" after their cable goes out and they have nothing but time on their hands, they find themselves arguing about honesty. To make matters worse, when Ray complains to the cable company about the disruption in service, he is informed that he has an illegal hookup – courtesy of his dad.

Recovering Pessimist

S1 E18 Recovering Pessimist

Feb. 28,1997

When Debra tries to change Ray's pessimistic attitude about winning the "Sports Writer of the Year Award," he agrees to change his ways and become more upbeat – and suffers the downside of being the only optimist in his family. When Ray finally starts feeling good about himself and his recent accomplishments, his family is surprised by the change in his personality and accuses him of being a "bragger with a swelled head."

The Dog

S1 E19 The Dog

Mar. 03,1997

Ray brings home a stray bulldog that reminds him of the dog he had to give up as a boy due to his allergies, but his brother, Robert, bonds with the animal and the siblings then have to decide who gets to keep him. When the owner of the dog arrives at the Barones' to pick up what turns out to be her prize-winning stud, she discovers that he has been fixed and isn't worth anything to her but that he means everything to Ray and Robert.


S1 E20 Neighbors

Mar. 10,1997

Irate neighbors are seriously up in arms over Ray's noisy dad and meddling mom so they demand a powwow at Ray's house, where his parents stumble upon the raucous caucus.

Fascinatin' Debra

S1 E21 Fascinatin' Debra

Mar. 17,1997

A popular radio psychologist comes to the house to interview Debra for a book on the American family. But the doctor finds that the rest of the eccentric Barones are more captivating, leaving "normal" Debra feeling left out because she's not "quirky or funny or interesting."

Why Are We Here?

S1 E22 Why Are We Here?

Apr. 07,1997

In this flashback episode, Ray and Debra remember their days in their first apartment. Debra finds out she's having twins, and so they decide they need a house. Ray maps a strategy where they are not close enough for everyday visits from his folks but not far enough for overnight stays. A mustached Robert discovers his wife wants a divorce. Part-time realtor Frank finds Ray and Debra a perfect house across the street from him and Marie. Debra decides living across from her in-laws is a good idea.

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Cast of Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1

Ray Romano

Ray Barone

Patricia Heaton

Debra Barone

Doris Roberts

Marie Barone

Peter Boyle

Frank Barone

Brad Garrett

Robert Barone

Madylin Sweeten

Ally Barone

Sawyer Sweeten

Geoffrey Barone

Monica Horan

Amy MacDougall-Barone