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Emily in Paris Season 3

Emily in Paris Season 3


In Emily in Paris Season 3, a year after Emily's move to Paris for the job of her dream. As she faces both professional and personal crossroads, she must make critical decisions that will determine the direction of her future. Caught between her career aspirations and her romantic life, Emily finds herself at a significant turning point, with her choices likely to have far-reaching consequences.

air date

December. 21,2022

production companies

Darren Star Productions, MTV Entertainment Studios, Jax Media

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Season 3

Emily in Paris Season 3 Episode Guide

I Have Two Lovers

S3 E1 I Have Two Lovers

Dec. 21,2022

An impromptu coiffure change is Emily's only quick decision as she drags her heels over choosing a path forward for her career and her love life.

What's It All About...

S3 E2 What's It All About...

Dec. 21,2022

With Savoir spiraling into chaos, Emily reaches out to a former colleague for help. But an attempted détente during a glitzy gala quickly goes south.

Coo D'état

S3 E3 Coo D'état

Dec. 21,2022

Sylvie turns on the charm when working conditions deteriorate, Mindy gets up to risqué business backstage, and Emily makes up her mind about what's next.

Live from Paris, It's Emily Cooper

S3 E4 Live from Paris, It's Emily Cooper

Dec. 21,2022

While playing tourist in Paris, Emily scores a side hustle that puts her language lessons to the test. Camille hits it off with an intriguing artist.

Ooo La La Liste

S3 E5 Ooo La La Liste

Dec. 21,2022

Emily tries to use her influence to land Sylvie a spot on a who's-who list, Mindy bumps into a well-connected old friend, and Alfie throws a party.


S3 E6 Ex-en-Provence

Dec. 21,2022

A luxury car event takes Emily and her crew to a chateau in Provence, where lavender fields, a lavish meal and a surprise guest set off romantic sparks.

How to Lose a Designer in 10 Days

S3 E7 How to Lose a Designer in 10 Days

Dec. 21,2022

As a double dose of fashion designer drama strikes Agence Grateau, Mindy asks Emily and Gabriel for backup after she receives an enigmatic invitation.

Fashion Victim

S3 E8 Fashion Victim

Dec. 21,2022

Things look touch-and-go for Pierre as rumors swirl around his store opening. Sylvie reaches out to an old acquaintance. Emily supports a glum Gabriel.

Love Is in the Air

S3 E9 Love Is in the Air

Dec. 21,2022

Already feeling unsure about where she stands with Alfie, Emily finds herself on shaky ground with Mindy's boyfriend. Gabriel focuses on his future.


S3 E10 Charade

Dec. 21,2022

In between undermining a colleague and helping Gabriel achieve his culinary dream, Emily attends a celebration in Champagne that takes a shocking turn.

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Cast of Emily in Paris Season 3

Lily Collins

Emily Cooper

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu

Sylvie Grateau

Ashley Park

Mindy Chen

Lucas Bravo


Camille Razat


Samuel Arnold


Bruno Gouery


William Abadie

Antoine Lambert

Lucien Laviscount