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Archer Season 13

Archer Season 13


The crime comedy animation Archer season 5 tells that after the acquisition by IIA, Fabian Kingsworth's spy cartel, Archer and his team are asked by Fabian to perform a series of odd missions such as tech recovery, crawling in the tropical jungle, evil health plan, and even a bank robbery. The team strives to keep their independence, seeking a proper identity during the rebellion against the conglomerate.

air date

August. 24,2022

production companies

FX Productions, Radical Axis, Floyd County Productions

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Archer Season 13 Episode Guide

The Big Con

S13 E1 The Big Con

Aug. 24,2022

Free drinks, party rooms and swag bags are just a few of the things the gang is not enjoying at the world's foremost spy convention, Clandesti-con!

Operation: Fang

S13 E2 Operation: Fang

Aug. 31,2022

Gillette is in charge of a creepy crawly mission in a tropical jungle.


S13 E3 Saturday

Sep. 07,2022

Mommy daughter day turns into a lesson in fellowship and tactical awareness.

The Laws of Attraction

S13 E4 The Laws of Attraction

Sep. 14,2022

Fabian tasks The Agency with recovering a piece of valuable tech from a nefarious threat, the Swiss!

Out of Network

S13 E5 Out of Network

Sep. 21,2022

Archer seeks professional help but IIA's health plan is murder.

Bank Run at Mr. Bank's Bank

S13 E6 Bank Run at Mr. Bank's Bank

Sep. 28,2022

Is Fabian asking The Agency to rob a bank? No, because we won't use those words.

Distraction Action

S13 E7 Distraction Action

Oct. 05,2022

Archer has a brilliant plan to evade capture. There is only one problem, he refuses to follow it.

Dough, Ray and Me

S13 E8 Dough, Ray and Me

Oct. 12,2022

Archer and the gang knead proof in order to temper expectations and ice the mission.

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Cast of Archer Season 13

H. Jon Benjamin

Sterling Archer (voice)

Judy Greer

Cheryl Tunt (voice)

Amber Nash

Pam Poovey (voice)

Chris Parnell

Cyril Figgis (voice)

Aisha Tyler

Lana Kane (voice)

Lucky Yates

Dr. Krieger (voice)