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Alone Season 9

Alone Season 9


Alone season 9 is set in the bitter wilderness of the Northeast seashore in Labrador, Canada, which is in danger of the predatory polar bear. Ten survival contestants are sent to the isolated location and equipped with ten items and some camera gear to document their experiences. Under the living condition of food shortage and no companion, the people who survive the longest will win the $500,000 grand prize.

air date

May. 26,2022

production companies

Leftfield Pictures

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Alone Season 9 Episode Guide

Drop Shock

S9 E1 Drop Shock

May. 26,2022

Ten new participants return to the History Channel's #1 summer survival series. In Big River, Labrador, the participants face the stalking predator, the Polar bear.


S9 E2 Consequences

Jun. 02,2022

As hunger rapidly sets in, the remaining participants rush to get familiar with the land and do whatever it takes to secure food; one survivalist thinks outside the box for dinner; one participant struggles and makes a costly mistake.

The Law of the Land

S9 E3 The Law of the Land

Jun. 09,2022

As Labrador's winter draws near, the participants split their time between building permanent shelters and getting food; many participants struggle; one allows an opportunity to slip through their fingers; one braces for a deadly encounter.

The Beaver

S9 E4 The Beaver

Jun. 16,2022

As they continue to settle into their new surroundings, the participants aim to procure food for the long haul; one survivalist risks hypothermia by entering the frigid Labrador waters while another realizes they bit off more than they can chew.

The Land Giveth…

S9 E5 The Land Giveth…

Jun. 23,2022

The participants continue to look for new ways to hunt, but also to preserve their food sources; one survivalist leans heavily on a taxing shelter build, while another pauses their own work for some much needed sustenance.

The Weasel

S9 E6 The Weasel

Jun. 30,2022

As the participants close in on the first thirty days, the lack of food and the desire to go home grows ever stronger in Labrador the competitors continue to make each opportunity for food count; the need for preservation has one getting creative.

The Birds

S9 E7 The Birds

Jul. 07,2022

As some participants find success hunting, the prospects of a long stay increase; one participant makes an unexpected discovery; a survivalist faces a looming threat that may push them over the edge.

Gut Feeling

S9 E8 Gut Feeling

Jul. 14,2022

As resilience and strength are put to the ultimate test, the remaining participants look to the past for answers; one survivalist takes a dangerous fall; another suffers pains that seems to only get disastrously worse.

The Ice Up

S9 E9 The Ice Up

Jul. 21,2022

As the river begins its freeze, the participants suffer major setbacks; one survivalist doubles down on a daring strategy; another reaches their limit.

Winter's Grasp

S9 E10 Winter's Grasp

Jul. 28,2022

A fierce snow storm wreaks havoc on the remaining survivalists; one participant attempts to warm their shelter, while another struggles with their health as the weather piles on.

Fight, Flight or Freeze

S9 E11 Fight, Flight or Freeze

Aug. 04,2022

The remaining three participants continue to battle Labrador's harsh snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures. As their minds and bodies are pushed to the limit, they struggle more than ever before.

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