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Accused Season 1

Accused Season 1


It tells the story of ordinary people accused of crimes awaiting the outcome of their trials. Willie was a hardworking plumber and family man. When his daughter's engagement was announced at the same time his business was struggling, he resorted to desperate measures to maintain his image. Frankie and his pal Peter enlist in the army to avoid going to jail after getting into trouble with the police.

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November. 15,2010

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Accused Season 1 Episode Guide

Willy's Story

S1 E1 Willy's Story

Nov. 15,2010

Willy Houlihan is in the holding cells beneath a Crown Court, awaiting the verdict of his trial. As he begins the long walk back up to his courtroom, viewers learn the events that brought him there. Willy was a hard-working plumber, with money pressures and a family who rely on him. But what did he get involved in?

Frankie's Story

S1 E2 Frankie's Story

Nov. 22,2010

Frankie, a young soldier on trial, starts the long walk back up to his courtroom to learn the decision of the jury. A frightening series of events led him to this place, but does the jury know the full story?

Helen's Story

S1 E3 Helen's Story

Nov. 29,2010

Helen (Juliet Stevenson) and Frank (Peter Capaldi) send their son Rob off to his first day as a temp at a local factory. When Rob doesn't return home, Helen sets out to find justice for her son.

Liam's Story

S1 E4 Liam's Story

Dec. 06,2010

Liam (Andy Serkis) is a taxi driver who is bored very everyday life and is desperate to escape it. One day Emma gets into his cab and he falls deeply and madly in love with her, he starts to dream that he can be everything she needs in life.

Kenny's Story

S1 E5 Kenny's Story

Dec. 13,2010

Kenny Armstrong (Marc Warren) is outraged to learn his daughter has been attacked in the park and, accompanied by two of his friends, sets off to find the culprit. However, the trio's assault on the man they suspect proves more violent than Kenny had intended, and while his cohorts are adamant that informing the police of their actions would be disastrous, his urge to confess grows. Jimmy McGovern and Esther Wilson's legal drama, with Joe Duttine, Jack Deam and Andrea Lowe

Alison's Story

S1 E6 Alison's Story

Dec. 20,2010

Alison, a working mother with a young family, stands accused. Will the jury find her guilty?

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Cast of Accused Season 1

Olivia Colman

Sue Brown

Robert Sheehan

Stephen Cartwright

Anna Maxwell Martin

Tina Dakin

Anne-Marie Duff

Mo Murray

John Bishop

Peter Cartwright

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Jake Murray

Sheridan Smith

Charlotte Cartwright