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60 Days In Season 7

60 Days In Season 7


The reality documentary 60 Days In Season 7 continues to follow life in jail. Seven former prisoners are enlisted by Sheriff Reginald Scandrett to go undercover, and their mission is to find valuable information to improve jail living conditions. The seven volunteers must manage to survive the challenges of returning to jail.

air date

August. 18,2022

production companies

Lucky 8 TV

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60 Days In Season 7 Episode Guide


S7 E1 Re-Incarcerated

Aug. 18,2022

Welcome to Henry County, Georgia, where Reginald B. Scandrett is the first African American Sheriff presiding over the Henry County Jail. A new breed of participants enter the program and encounter unprecedented challenges in Sheriff Scandrett's jail.

Twenty-Three and One

S7 E2 Twenty-Three and One

Aug. 25,2022

As new participants enter the Henry County jail, they discover that the conditions in the quarantine pods are far harsher than their previous experiences in jail.

Quarantine Chaos

S7 E3 Quarantine Chaos

Sep. 01,2022

Sheriff Scandrett faces a challenge when the conditions of the quarantine pods take a serious toll on the participants that risk the success of the program. Meanwhile, Rose witnesses a disturbing medical emergency and Darius catches on to a fellow participant.

Say No to Drugs

S7 E4 Say No to Drugs

Sep. 08,2022

The final participant enters the program while the others confront new challenges around drugs, COVID, and intense inmates.

General Population

S7 E5 General Population

Sep. 15,2022

The first participants move to general population and begin to form bonds with new inmates, while others hit their breaking point in quarantine; they learn that the men's quarantine pod is active at night.

The Gambit

S7 E6 The Gambit

Sep. 22,2022

Arriving at the limits of his patience and sanity, Chase makes a big decision. Carlos makes a run for access and status in the pod by opening up his own store, and takes Nick, a young inmate, as a protégé, and manoeuvres around a serious threat. Darius also finds himself mentoring a young man in serious need of guidance, and later deals with a flood in the pod. Rose navigates her own emotions as she tries to find balance in gen-pop. Trinity grieves the loss of a family member and moves to a new pod.

Pain, Pads & Police

S7 E7 Pain, Pads & Police

Sep. 29,2022

General population proves to be no walk in the park as the participants deal with shake downs, a flooded pod, unwanted attention, and dirty laundry.

Who Runs the Pod?

S7 E8 Who Runs the Pod?

Oct. 06,2022

A new inmate enters the men’s pod and begins rustling everyone’s feathers. Darius and Carlos work together to protect the pod and keep the peace. Rose attempts to help a rambunctious inmate who has been rubbing her the wrong way and both women are left scratching their heads as the women’s pod discovers an unfortunate infestation.

Inmate or Civilian

S7 E9 Inmate or Civilian

Oct. 13,2022

Rose grapples with devastating news; Trinity encourages the women to find positive ways to express themselves; Darius coaches the men on how to make money legally on the outside; the return of another inmate causes turmoil within the pod.

Never Going Back

S7 E10 Never Going Back

Oct. 20,2022

Carlos learns why he was removed from the program early; Darius struggles to keep peace in the pod; The serenity within the women's pod is shattered; the three remaining participants meet with the sheriff to debrief him on what they've discovered.

The Aftermath: Part One

S7 E11 The Aftermath: Part One

Oct. 27,2022

When the participants reunite to discuss the highs and lows of their re-incarceration in the Henry County Jail, explosive arguments erupt within the group.

The Aftermath: Part Two

S7 E12 The Aftermath: Part Two

Oct. 27,2022

The participants press Sheriff Scandrett and his team on the difficult conditions they endured during their time in the Henry County Jail, and Shaquille O'Neal makes a surprise appearance. Soledad O'Brien hosts.

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